COVID Policy

The Lawrence Barn Dance Association Board would like to thank our community for your understanding as we have navigated the COVID-19 pandemic. The LBDA is committed to supporting a vibrant, inclusive, and safe environment for everyone.  A key part of that is addressing the risks of community transmission of infectious disease.  Our covid protocol has evolved and we update our policy as needed based on current risks. Our intention is to provide everyone with an assurance that risks are minimized.

In order to minimize the risk of transmission or infection up-to-date vaccination is strongly encouraged.

If you have been exposed to COVID in the last 5 days, or if you are experiencing symptoms of illness (COVID or other), we ask that you not attend out of consideration for your fellow dancers.

At a regular monthly dance:

  • Masking depends on CDC Douglas County COVID Community level.  When the Community Level is LOW, masks will be optional at the event. When the Community Level is MEDIUM, masks are highly recommended. We also fully support anyone who wants to wear a mask at any time.

We recognize that these procedures are an inconvenience, however we believe these are the minimal level required to assure that everyone can enjoy the dance.

Masking:  Breathable and comfortable masks designed for sporting activity are available as noted at the following websites.  N95 masks will be available at the admission table.

Local vaccination and testing:

For Kansas residents, Orchards Drug in Lawrence is providing free vaccination and testing including PCR and antigen tests during business hours Monday through Friday.  PCR results are available in 24 hours and antigen test results within 1 hour.