Family Dance

Serving Lawrence for decades, the Lawrence Barn Dance Association has a wonderful culture of inclusive community fun and would like to extend an invitation to a special event! We will be bringing in a band and caller from out of town to lead an afternoon of dancing for the entire family. These particular professionals are exceptionally good with newcomers, and can teach new participants as we go along. Within ten minutes or so, everyone will begin moving to the tunes of some live old time music, and laughter will be heard as the entire room shares the joy of dancing together. 

Seriously, if a person can walk at a decent pace, they can do this type of dancing without any prior experience or lessons – this includes grandparents or elders all the way down to young children. Babies do well in backpacks and front packs, and toddlers can toddle along while holding a hand or be swooped up to enjoy a combination of steps and swings. 

We are hosting this Family Dance as part of our big Pilgrim’s Progression Dance Weekend. Although the dance weekend is oriented to more advanced dancers, those who are new to contra dancing should join us for this special hour and a half of live music and dancing for ALL AGES and all abilities!

The bigger the crowd, the more laughter will ensue. The pricing is set to be much lower than it would be to even take a family to the movies ($25 for a family of 4). Bring your kids, grandkids, neighbors, or friends and show them just what fun a large group can have when a great band and an experienced caller lead us through our paces. 

GET THOSE KIDS OFF OF THE COUCH AND GET THEIR ATTENTION OFF OF THE ELECTRONICS! I think we all agree…more family friendly activity is part of the solution to what is wrong with the world today. This is our chance for a win-win-win! The families win, our dance group wins, our community wins. See you at the Family Dance!

Here are some fun YouTube videos of other family and community dances in progress:

Photos and videos may be taken throughout this event and some will be used on our website, social media, or in a pamphlet.  Please let us know if you do not wish to have your picture or video made public.  See our photo release for details.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions.