Yuletide Frolick 2022

The Yuletide Frolick is a unique two-day contra dance event with two enchanting evening dances, a 2-part Callers’ Workshop, and workshops for dancers and musicians. Scroll down the page for the detailed schedule.



The Friday night dance at the Cider Gallery will be a unique adventure to kick off the weekend. It starts with a candle-lit, culture-forward romp through the roots of Celtic music in places from the Silk-Road to Route 66; a wassail-infused seasonal celebration of world music; and a fascinating rhythm and dance extravaganza. Calling by the nationally prominent caller Wendy Graham. Live music on period instruments by Jambaroque, a seven-member musicological project directed by Gerald Trimble of Kansas City.  Viola de Gamba, pipes, and cittern meet the Jembe and the the Tabla, converging in driving dance music. Fanciful Yuletide apparel is encouraged for the Friday evening dance, but not required.

Saturday night we will dance to the music of Kaw Creek, inspired by the people of the Great Plains.  Kaw Creek is Alice Boyle on fiddle/viola and Robert Rosenberg on guitar/banjo/feet. Their goal is to play magical and wonderful tunes from a large variety of sources to inspire the caller and thrill dancers with their energy and power. This duo is half of the band STEAM! and they are familiar faces from the heart of Carp Camp in Winfield. Our caller, Wendy Graham, will continue to wow and charm us with her passion and ability to create a magical evening by matching music to dances for the enjoyment of everyone in the hall.


Callers’ Workshop–Want to try your hand at calling or improve your calling skills? This two-session workshop is a unique opportunity for beginners and experienced callers to learn new skills or sharpen their existing tools.  Whether you have never ever called a dance before, are a budding caller, or are a seasoned pro, everyone can succeed in a supportive and encouraging learning environment.  Get practical experience, tricks, tips and tools during this highly interactive two-session workshop that culminates in a techno contra medley called by callers workshop participants on Saturday, December 10. The workshop will focus on these skills: clear, concise, rhythmic calling that is gender-role-free, memorizing dances/getting “off the card,” programming dances, calling a medley (to any kind of music), and more!  Pre-workshop preparation and a commitment on your part to attend both sessions and practice outside the workshops are critical. The resulting high-energy, no-walk-through contra medley to electronic, non-traditional music will be exhilarating and worth the effort! To prepare for a truly remarkable experience, participants in the Callers’ Workshops need to register by November 23.

Dancers’ Workshops–Three dancers’ workshops will be led by Wendy Graham, including:

1. Be a GREAT Dance Partner–If you want to be the dance partner that everyone LOVES to dance with, then come explore “partner-focused” techniques, skills and styles that will keep your partners begging for more in this skills-focused dance workshop.

2. Wanna’ Play?--If you want to experiment with dancing different roles or as a third wheel, swapping partners, and more fun play, then don’t miss this playful dance workshop.

3. Techno Contra Medley–No-walk-through, non-stop dancing to a medley of electronic, non-traditional music that results in big smiles and high energy on the dance floor. Called by the callers’ workshop attendees.

Musicians’ Workshop–Our musical headliner, Gerald Trimble of Jambaroque, will lead a workshop session on Saturday afternoon to discuss The Fusion of Alternative Musical Genres into Contra.

The After Party! Finally, if you are still standing, Saturday night after the dance, we’ll munch on goodies and jam on our instruments til everyone is exhausted (or 1am!).


WENDY GRAHAM (Durango, CO) will be our caller for the weekend. She is a self-described “dance maniac.” Her passion for music, song and dance caught fire in 1991 on a Danish-American Exchange (DAE) youth dance tour to Denmark. Today, Wendy leads English and American folk dances and teaches social dance across the country, and abroad. She proudly served on the Lloyd Shaw Foundation and Country Dance and Song Society (CDSS) boards, and the CDSS Lifetime Contribution Award committee. She loves building community and sharing the joy of music, song and dance with people of all ages and abilities.

JAMBAROQUE is the headliner on Friday evening at the Cider Gallery which is a lovely space in the Lawrence Cultural District near downtown.  Gerald Trimble, viola de gamba innovator and Kansas City native, is the primary exponent of a new style of playing an ancient instrument.  His visionary and virtuosic playing combines Celtic, Eastern and Early Music influences with modern techniques and improvisational skills that span several centuries- from Baroque to jazz- seamlessly uniting the entire continuum.  Five additional members of Jambaroque play various other old world and modern instruments.  For the Friday evening event we are encouraging folks to dress in period outfits. Use your imagination! Or, come in your jeans! Just ENJOY!!!

KAW CREEK is Alice Boyle on fiddle/viola and Robert Rosenberg on guitar/banjo/feet. Their goal is to play weird and wonderful tunes from a very large variety of sources to inspire the caller, thrill the dancers, and deliver energy and power! They are beloved, familiar faces from the heart of Carp Camp in Winfield.

If you register before November 23, you qualify for the Early Bird rate of $95 for a weekend pass. After November 23 registration will increase to $105. The special 2-part Callers’ Workshop is a separate registration ($20 per workshop or $30 for both). Click the button below to go to the Frolick Registration page.

Our Sponsors

An event like this isn’t possible without the generous support of sponsors like:


Friday, Dec 9–Delaware Commons, Common House, 1222 Delaware, Lawrence

TimeEventAla Carte Pricing
3:00-5:00 PMCaller’s Workshop Part 1: Wendy Graham$20

Friday, Dec 9–Cider Gallery, 810 Pennsylvania Street, Lawrence, KS

6:30 PMCheck-in doors open
8:00-10:30 PMDance w/JamBaroque and Wendy Graham$35 adult
$25 student
$15 non-dancer

Saturday, Dec 10–Bishop Seabury Academy 4120 Clinton Pkwy Frontage, Lawrence

9-10:30Caller’s Workshop Part 2 Wendy Graham$20
(or $30 for both)
10:45-12:00Dancer Workshop: “Be a Great Dance Partner”$20 adult
$10 student
1:30-2:45Dancer Workshop: “Want to Play? (Contra Fun)$20 adult
$10 student
3:00-4:30Dancer Workshop: “Techno Contra Medley”$20 adult
$10 student
3:00-4:00Musician Workshop: “Music Fusion” $15
6:30Doors open for Check-in
7:30-10:00 Dance w/Kaw Creek and Wendy Graham$30 adult
$20 student
$10 non-dancer
10:30-1:00AMAfter Party hosted by Eddie Davalos